This robber bear must have heard something from the woods... probably the poor canoe owner. Do you believe me when I say I wasn't working from one of my own photographs, made with my Nikon? :-D

This painting was taken from an advertisement in an old, old magazine. The paper was almost crumbling away. A gentleman who owned a wonderful log 'cabin' bartered with me for this painting. I had to agree, it was perfect for his home.  He installed heavy pine beams in my house in exchange for the art work. Unfortunately, when I sold the house, I had to leave all the rustic pine logs behind.


'Old Sycamores'  9x12 Oil
'Oklahoma Snow'  5x14 Oil
This little painting was fun to do.  6x8 Oil

I wasn't working from my own photo here...

A friend photographed this big guy. A  20x24 oil on canvas.

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