Monday, September 10, 2012


Some things are just too beautiful to describe.  Sunlight on flower petals is one of those things.  I'm sure that's the reason we see so many paintings of this subject.  The artist must try to depict the beauty that nature presents so abundantly. That's what an artist does—and the opportunity is fleeting, we must work fast. The artist struggles to interpret nature, not copy it.

Sunlight on flower petals is about as fleeting as a sneeze.  If we can even get close to capturing it, we've accomplished something.  I have several paintings on my walls that come pretty close to describing sunlight—they grab me nearly every time I pass them. I can almost feel the tugging on my sleeve.  When I'm rushed, I avert my eyes and hurry past them.  Should I glance their way, I'm caught. The sheer delight of perpetual sunlight on petals, sunlight on horses and sunlight on old houses. I come to a stop and take a tiny romp in the beautiful shadows that all this sunlight creates. Shadows are the by-product of sunlight.  As the old saying goes one thing calls for another...

 I'm derailed for a while, but maybe the better for it.  I've heard it's good medicine for the soul to stop and smell ... no, stop and see the sunlight, walk in the cool shadows and calm the hurrying heart beat.

Have a blessed day.


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  1. Mary:

    I really like your blog. Makes me want to do one soon! Not only are your paintings and photos great, but you are a wonderful "word painter!" What you say above is quite true. As artists, besides pleasing ourselves when we paint or photograph or sculpt, we always hope to make others, particularly non-artists, see what we see and enjoy it as much as we do. (: