Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Author Saundra Mitchell has my vote. She writes in a positive, uplifting way and wonders why she bothers to watch television.
I agree with her about TV.  I gave up  finding a program that wasn't either vulgar, mean, or so silly that I just couldn't sit through it. I got Netflix and haven't missed TV at all.  James Herriot is as good today as he was when his books were first adapted to film—now that's good viewing!

 Our children are growing up with TV shows that allow and condones behavior that's hurtful to our society.  And we wonder what's wrong with our world today?  I admire those who speak out against such programing.

Saundra Mitchell is a writer who ( liberally) shares her knowledge of writing with those of us who are still struggling to 'get there.'  I don't know her personally, but I feel like I know her through her words.  Thank you, Saundra!


  1. Right on Mary!! I haven't watched TV in about oh two years or so. Mainly since they went digital and after the converter broke I never bought another. However I do confess I watch DVD's lol. If I did watch TV it was PBS mostly that was the first thing I looked to see what was on, or that new sport channel they came out with. For the first time saw some cycling which was really cool.

    1. Randall, sorry I'm so long in replying to tour comment. I don't know how I missed it! I watch DVD's too, not so much since I have Netflix. You might like it too. :-)