Saturday, April 20, 2013


Perusing threads on Absolute Write the other morning, I ran across a post commenting on poor grammar. Having a problem with grammar myself, I clicked to check it out. I'm always amazed when some young person talks about not knowing about the different parts of a sentence or how to determine if it should be 'was'/'were' or 'lay/'lie'.

I struggle with those doubts in my own writing, but I never finished high school, so I tend to think it's just me, surely
everybody else knows all that. Surprisingly, not so. I'm amazed at how many like myself don't see the need to really study, until later years. When I was in school, grammar was a subject I gave very little thought to. I was far too busy drawing and reading, you know, the fun stuff.

How many times when I'm plowing through the Chicago Manual of Style, I wish I had paid attention to  Mrs. Morgan. She was a wonderful english teacher and she tried—really. Getting grammar to stick in an uninterested mind is like pouring water on a ducks back.

At least I can be grateful that I as I grew older I became a student. I love learning, and the irony of it, I love studying grammar, which is good because I have so much to learn. I don't think I'll ever stop needing to learn more.

One of my paintings. "Peonies"

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