Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hot coffee by my side, steam rising from my favorite hand made pottery mug, the Macbook on my lap... I squirmed deeper under the down cover. I love my mornings. The ritual is to check emails first and get those little packages opened... you never know what fun thing awaits there.

And then, saving the best till last, kinda like looking forward to desert after the healthy stuff.  I go through all the websites that are a part of my morning warm-up, again the fun stuff first, before my day gets serious.

I feel the same about this morning treat as I do about the best hair color—I'm worth it. I deserve it.

This morning was no different. Except that we've been having exceptionally cool weather for this time of the year. My down cover was really appreciated. I raise my cup and enjoy the aroma, does it get any better?

Yep, it did. I clicked on over to 'Seekerville' and reading down the column, I learned that I'd won one of Erica Vetsch's books,  Sagebrush Knights. I nearly spilled my coffee!

Now admit it,  is there anything more fun than winning? No. But winning a book, now that's real fun! Needless to say that made my morning even better.

Thank You Erica!

I'll enjoy the fruit of your labor, and as I pour over the pages I'll think of the hours of your life energy you spent to make Sagebrush Knights happen.

And a big thank you to the Seekers over at Seekerville!

The Seekers bring in some of the best writers to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of us who are still seeking. Are we called Seeklings?

Good day to all... happy writing!

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