Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Poor Spike. He's loyal to both houses. But it's hard guarding two yards at the same time. When he's in my front yard, he worries about what's going on in Ruthy's yard.

 Any little noise and he runs to check out what's
happening in whichever yard he's not in.

I know how he feels. I find myself doing the same thing. Busy with a hands-on-project I often find my mind just as busy, only on a different project!

Some activities leave my mind free to work on mental projects. Pulling weeds, brushing my teeth and doing the dishes don't require focus.

But some projects do require my full attention. I don't mean it's not possible to do them with my attention on something else. Far from it.

I mean some things require, and deserve, my full attention.

I've listed some subjects I find worthy of the effort it takes to keep a single-minded focus while engaged in,  to achieve the best, and desired results.

Bible study.
Listening to the person speaking to you.
Giving directions.
Trying to follow directions.
Mixing the exact color for a skin tone.
Talking to the Lord.
Studying a baby's sweet face. ( for pure enjoyment )
Explaining your reason... :-)
Being respectful when telling a friend you don't like the dress she's holding up to you...
Swinging in close to another vehicle at Sonic.
Positioning up to hit a hole in one...

And there's lots more. These came to mind when sympathizing with Spike's dilemma.

The human mind is like that—off in every direction!
 I try not to take take Spike's option. He wears himself out, then flops down and takes a nap.        

When it's one of the important things in life, it's worth the effort to stay focused.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi, Mary! I jumped over from Seekerville....this post is perfect for Tina's post today....what we need to do to stay focused. I'm waiting for a delivery, so can't seem to focus on writing, so I'm connecting by looking at other's blogs. Fun to stop by and visit you!

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by Sherida... we should've had coffee while waiting for your delivery! :-) ( It's fun being silly! )

  3. Pollyanna and Timber are so glad Spike made it back home. And, Auntie Mary, thanks for the information on May
    the K-9 Spy! Looks like great reading!!!

  4. I relayed the message to Spike and he sent hugs and kisses to Pokkyanna and Timber!
    I got May's 'Perils In Paris.' I'm planning a read-fest one weekend real soon! :-)