Friday, August 23, 2013

Replenish daily...

Several weeks ago I stood at my front door and watched it rain.
Nothing exceptional in this, except it's August, in Oklahoma. My front yard looked almost tropical.

Oklahoma in August, tropical? Those words don't go together.

Brown, crisp, Augusts from the past came to mind; when nothing bloomed, and grasshoppers feasted on anything with even a hint of life clinging to it.

As I watched, the earth was being replenished with life saving water. Just water. Which to my yard is the difference between life and death. I watched the rain pour off the roof, and gave thanks for it.

Thoughts of the way I too need to be replenished, like my plants, came to mind.

The important, life-saving things all come from God, our creator. Water, oxygen, sunshine, and his word, are what keeps me from dying a physical and spiritual death.

 Fortunately, not like with the rain, I have a choice. I can choose each day to be replenished or not. I make the decision to take the time to talk with my Lord, to study his word and stay close to him through prayer. I choose his way.

It is my choice. He doesn't force it on me, and he doesn't bestow it on me just because I'm a really nice person.

The rain is gone, back to sunshine and hair-dryer wind... I enjoy looking at the photo when all was wet, and tropical in Oklahoma on a cool August day.

Have a wonderful day full of good choices! :-)


  1. Oh my goodness -- rain! What wonderful thoughts on the important, life-saving things, Mary. Thanks for sharing them.

    Nancy C

  2. Oh Nancy, that rain was wonderful! I couldn't stay away from the door that morning... wish it would come back. :-)