Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking Forward to 2014

A whole new year lies ahead. I feel it in my bones, it'll be a good year. I didn't make my usual resolutions, instead, I 'intentioned' several goals. Here are a few of them:
  • Diligent Bible study
  • Healthy eating
  • Honesty in sharing my thoughts on writing ( and everything else! )
  • To listen carefully to the people around me... 
  • Do paintings for my book covers
These are the important ones, don't think you'd be interested in the others.

I intend to remember that old saying that variety is the spice of life. That makes sense. I enjoy the variety of wearing  different colors and different styles throughout the week. And I like Mexican food one day, Italian food the next, with beans and cornbread worked in about Friday evening. 

Life is made up of good and bad. A friend used to say, 'Chicken one day, feathers the next'. I'll embrace the bad as well as the good, knowing this is natures balance. I'll Laugh at things that go wrong and celebrate even the smallest victories, like when I shuffle through the mail, I frown at the tax notice and smile big at the card from a friend... yep, variety is good, important. 

The unpleasant stuff makes me appreciate the good. I smile at bad.

In 2014, when I get a rejection letter instead of an acceptance on the manuscript I slaved over, poured my life's blood into, created characters I loved and lived with, went through trials and disappointments with them, and finally, after months or years of sitting hunched over the laptop, I'm able to guide my precious people down the road of 'happiness ever after', all the way to, 'The End'...

Where was I going with this...? Oh, yes. I intend to remember when I send my manuscript off, that life is more interesting with the variety of ups and downs. I expect downs. The down times stretch me to work harder, study more and learn to take it with a smile. It's called, 'Paying your dues', another part of nature. It's only after many rejections that a writer can truly appreciate that acceptance letter when it finally lands in the mailbox...

Wait, something is pricking me. Ouch, ouch, stop that!  

My conscience. I've fed it well and it won't let me stray, even for the sake of prose. It reminded me of my intention to be totally honest in sharing my thoughts in 2014.

To be totally honest, I want that acceptance letter. Now! I already work hard and stretch myself. I don't need the downs, I don't want any rejections, I'll take all yesses, please! And I'll take my variety in the books I read and the foods I eat and the friends I make.

Can I honestly say I'd be bored and unappreciative if everything I submitted was snatched up and my mail was flooded with double book contracts and large advance checks? No, I can't honestly say that—I can't even imagine it!

But I can honestly say, I love writing. The hard work and hours of study are pure pleasure. Everyone can always use a little more cash. But God knows me, He knows me very well, and He knows I'm being honest when I say that the main reason for the cash is because it's what validates my worth as a creative being. When another person likes what I created well enough to spend their hard earned money to own it, that tells me my work is of worth to that person.

I love giving. I'd be happy giving my writing away. But when you give something that your thoughts and hands have created, you don't really know if the recipient likes it, or if they're just being polite.

But when a person buys it, they make the choice of ownership and that proves that my writing has worth, at least to that person.

The experts say the number one fear for most people is public speaking, and that the number one craving or need for most people is appreciation and validation.

We humans are funny creatures.

Wishing God 's blessings on you.


  1. Great list. Wonderful post. Yes, this is a good year.

  2. Thank you, Dennise. I am looking forward to this new year, there's so much to learn and do! :-)