Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This gray, dreary morning makes me long for the warm days of summer, well, spring at least.

I look at this photo I made several summers ago and I can feel that golden warmth on my face. I remember how good the sun felt on my back.

Until I'm reminded of why I'm hunkering in the shade with my camera, looking out to the sun on the grasses. It was hot! It was almost a hundred degrees at five o'clock, that perfect day on a Texas ranch...my shirt was wet and my back burned like...

Looking back seems to blur our vision and soften the harsh realities of mundane days—and that's okay, every now and then, blurred vision works to our good. It helps us enjoy our days—those behind us and those before us.

So, here is to smiling at the days behind us, and to those ahead of us. :-)

Have a happy day and keep God in your plans . . . :-)

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