Friday, September 27, 2013


Recently two of my friends experienced the sorrow of losing their beloved horses.

Kay Marshall's Stormy and Marsha McDonald's Tango.

Stormy and Tango were not just horses. They were friends to Kay and,  Marsha. Companions.

If you've never confided in a beloved horse or dog and for some people their cat, you don't know the closeness you can feel for these large hearted friends.

Stormy was fun to photograph. I remember his spirit and energy and the glow of his copper coat. kay commissioned me to paint Stormy's portrait. it was a fun painting to do. The photo of me working on it was taken by Scott Myers.

Tango was one of my first 'bare-back' rides. He was so easy and kind to me, a novice rider. He seemed to know my fears and carried me gently. At Pecan Valley Ranch, Tango become known as, 'the baby sitter' because he looked out for the new colts and fillies.

I was fortunate to know both these wonderful guys. When I first heard of the loss of each, I found myself thinking of them through out the day. I knew the sad feelings my friends would be dealing with.
Both Stormy and Tango had good homes, maybe even as close to 'horse heaven' as could be found here in this world.

I imagine Stormy and Tango now with pegasus wings, still full of spirit and showing off together in that special pasture. These wonderful creatures were put here to serve in loyalty and friendship to mankind.

I believe God created special rewards for these servants, just as He has for us, when our service is finished in this world.

                                  Marsha and Tango

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