Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beautiful Oklahoma

Wouldn't you love to look out your bathroom window and see this view? Sure you would. This is just one view that Jackie Anderson enjoys from her home. Jackie's entire yard—several acres it could be, I'm not sure, is landscaped just like this. Wherever you go, whichever way you turn, this is what you see.

Or this view from her bedroom window. Jackie shares her yard with the Garden Club members from time to time. I remember the first time I had lunch in Jackie's yard. My, my, my.
She has her own private hide-away and that's where the luncheon was set up. Who ever! ( I mean, really, who ever? ) Just think, your own private place to sneak off and read all day...

A large covered deck situated on a rise, caught the cool breeze. The breeze gently ruffled the snowy white table-cloths around our knees as we sat at the large round tables. Soft cloth napkins, pretty china and delicate stemware vied for attention over the flowers and trees spread out far and wide beyond the deck. It reminded me of  the movie, Out Of Africa. I pretended a little. Need I say that I enjoyed the afternoon tremendously. The food was delicious, the talk lively and the view, well, you can see for yourself.

I have to admit I was a little distracted. I kept glancing into the sky, knowing, hoping that at any minute I'd see a small speck. It would grow larger, then I'd hear the engine humming, and then Robert Redford would do a perfect landing in the trees and roll to a stop just below the deck and hop out of the cockpit and... oh, sorry, I got carried away. The garden club ladies were fun too.

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