Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The PEANUT HARVEST was commissioned by Anthony Reed of Thackerville, Ok. My sister,  Ruth Allen and I spent the better half of a day following the harvesters around with our cameras. Not only was it fun being out doors, but we ended the day with several, and I use the word in the broadest sense, hundred images.

This was the image selected for the painting depicting this important process each fall.  It was fun watching the sea gulls—yes I said sea gulls—rise up into the sky around the machinery and then settle down again to feed on the peanuts. This farm land is close to the Red River—maybe that's why the gulls like to hang out here, plus they get free meals!  I liked the gulls so much, I made them my blog banner.

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  1. Lol, you should see me lol. I used to have a nice canon t2i but sold it for art supplies. Now I all have is a small handheld camera that is pathetic lol. We have a farm nearby that lets people pick strawberries, had to stop to take pics. None came out very good at all so not sure if I can pull anything out of them. Hate to have to invent colors since I kind of rely on "attempting" to paint what I see lol.

    Nice farm painting. When I first saw your blog I saw that farm photo on your heading and first thing came to my mind that would be an awesome painting especially if the yellowish light could be captured.